Ali Helnwein

Ali was born in Vienna, Austria in 1982. At age 9 he began his musical studies in England and subsequently in Germany, The United States and Ireland – studying composition, orchestration and conducting. He apprenticed at Media Ventures (Hans Zimmer’s music studio) for a year and under leading arranger/orchestrator/conductor David Campbell (Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Radiohead – over 427 Gold and Platinum albums) for over 6 years.

Ali’s music as been heard in world class venues such as the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, has been played on classical radio and has been performed by world class musicians and soloists including principal members of orchestras such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and The Pasadena Symphony. He has also worked as a film composer, scoring several independent and short films.

Together with his sister Mercedes he started the company Strayed Dogs, LLC which actively promotes the art scene in Los Angeles in the fields of visual art, music and literature. The company regularly hosts art shows, live concerts and other art-related events as well as promoting young, talented artists.