In late 2003 two small groups of teenage friends met each other by accident. The groups didn’t know each other at the time but invisible forces of nature drew them together and told them to start a band. The outcome was Mammút. A couple of months later a good man encouraged the band to participate in the Icelandic Battle of the Bands. A bit hesitantly Mammút decided to go for it and ended up winning the competition.This gave the band all the tailwind it needed and the following two years Mammút played numerous shows all around Iceland which made it one of the most talked about bands in the Icelandic indie scene.In 2006 Mammút gave birth to its first child, named after its mother.The same year Mammút played the Iceland Airwaves festival which lead to David Fricke praising the band’s onstage performance and album in the Rolling Stone Magazine. Another two years went by and in the meantime Mammút stepped up its game and played shows outside of Iceland like SXSW in Texas, In the City in Manchester as well as supporting Belgian rockers dEUS on a few shows in Europe. In 2008 the next album, Karkari, arrived. It got great reviews in the papers and all the 5 singles from the album reached #1 at Iceland’s biggest rock radio station X-ið 977. The following few years Mammút did two major Europe tours, playing shows all around the continent, as well as festivals in Scandinavia. After having played the Karkari material for quite some time, the band slowly began to crawl into its shell again to prepare for its third album. As we speak Mammút is polishing its dark masterpiece which will undoubtedly take the band and its fans to a whole new level. Mammút is apart of the Cassette collective in Iceland.